Friday, November 9, 2012

Gone To The Dogs!

It's all over the internet these days (fall 2012), as a matter of fact, it's even an article in a scientific journal and unfortunately, it's become the latest fad to promote classical music as a mindless exercise. Along with "classical music for relaxation" and "Mozart for babies", they are now pushing classical music to de-stress dogs.

Please, don't inflict the Pachelbel Canon or Eine Kleine Nachtmusik on your pet. Your dog will probably run away from home and never come back. Play them something stimulating at least. These pieces, that most scientists and psychologists seem to think exemplify classical music, will not only relax your dog, they will put him to sleep. One of my pets used to really enjoy listening to John Oswald's "Spectre" and "Kontakte" by Karlheinz Stockhausen. Cats and dogs need stimulation to be happy. Play "with" your dog, not to it.

Real classical music is meant to stimulate the mind and the imagination, and to challenge the listener. It is not meant, like the pieces listed above will do, to induce sleep. Please stop claiming that classical music is only good for relaxation. And do your dog a favor. Throw him a bone, not a tone!

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